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Guy Lefleur's Idiot Son Gets His Old Man In Trouble With The Law

Illustration for article titled Guy Lefleurs Idiot Son Gets His Old Man In Trouble With The Law

Legendary Montreal Canadien Guy Lefleur was convicted today of basically lying in court to protect his son, which would be sort of honorable if the kid wasn't so clearly a jackass.


Over the last year, 24-year-old Mark Lefleur was tried on 23 criminal counts including: sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, mischief, theft, possession of crack cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana, threatening to kill a Montreal bus driver, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and damaging a bus. (He also he faces charges in a separate case of assault and uttering death threats.) Most of the charges stem from his "troubled" relationship with his underage girlfriend. He's a real catch.

During the trial, he was released to the supervision of his father and placed under curfew. At a hearing, the elder Lafleur testified that Mark had never left the house while under curfew, but then later admitted that he had personally driven the rascal to meet his 16-year-old girlfriend at a hotel, "because he felt it was important for them to spend some intimate time together." Sheesh.


So a judge issued a very embarrassing (and slightly controversial) arrest warrant for the old man and Guy now faces up to 14 years in prison for misleading a judge. (He'll likely just get a fine.) Mark plead guilty to most of his charges and was given three years probation, with more home confinement. That should be a fun few months at the Lefleur house. If I was this kid's dad, I'd tell the judge to throw the book at him ... or at the very least, a full bucket of frozen pucks.

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