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Guy Spills Beer Everywhere Trying For Foul Ball; TV Guys Buy Him New One

The guy in the blue Brewers jersey with sunglasses on his head was heading back to his seat holding beers in each hand when he lost both trying to snag a foul ball. As he approached his seat, Josh Thole sliced a foul ball right at him and he was in the perfect position to grab it, but for the occupied hands. All he could do was try to bear hug it, but he spilled beer all over himself in the process and lost the ball to that falling snake in yellow.


His hands were probably slippery with beer, too, foiling his attempt to reclaim the ball from the opportunistic thief. Feeling like the dude got a raw deal—no ball, no beer—the Brewers broadcast booth sent him down a nice frosty one in some souvenir glassware.


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