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Guy Who Sued Ryan Braun Arrested For Posting Brotastic Deposition Vids

Earlier this week, Ralph Sasson posted video of his depositions from his now-dismissed defamation lawsuit against Ryan Braun. Unfortunately for Sasson, all filings and discovery (which includes deposition transcripts and videos) in the case were sealed via court order because the ordering judge was pissed at Sasson's combative behavior during the case.


According to Milwaukee county circuit judge Paul Van Grunsven, most of Sasson's discovery requests were designed to harass and embarrass Braun and his agents. After giving Sasson considerable leeway as a pro se litigant, he sealed all discovery and eventually dismissed the case with prejudice (which is the bad kind of dismissal) in June. Sasson filed a motion to vacate the judgment and the lift the seal order and then just released the videos himself. After a hearing Wednesday afternoon, Sasson was arrested for contempt and later released.

Sasson, who has served as his own attorney throughout the yearlong litigation, was then arrested as he left the courtroom after a brief hearing. He was released about 21/2 hours later, Sasson said later.

"They said they decided not to file charges" Wednesday, but were going to investigate further, Sasson said. "I want them to investigate further. If I'm wrong, I'll suffer. But I'm not. I've checked into it."

Attorneys for Braun and his agent moved the court to hold Sasson in contempt for violating the court order. Van Grunsven said Sasson admitted to posting the videos in a letter to the court, but claimed the seal order was invalid based on due process and first amendment considerations. To which Van Grunsven replied, go back to law school, bro.

Van Grunsven disagreed, citing case law that direct violation of a court's order is "the very definition of contempt." Whether Sasson believed the order was valid or not, the judge said, he was obligated to obey it until he was legally relieved of doing so.


This is probably not the end of Ralph "I've checked into it" Sasson.

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