Guy That Enabled Kurt Warner's Career Retires

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As a very, very late bloomer to football, one of my first memories was hearing about Rams quarterback Trent Green down for the count in 1999.


That was, of course, the year the Rams won the Super Bowl with some other guy, and eventually the Pete Best of football went elsewhere. After a whirlwind of teams and head traumata, Green found himself back in St. Louis, playing just a little quarterback for the Rams in 2008 while Marc Bulger regained his ability to not be frightened at the thought of a defensive blitz. Once someone in the Rams front office noticed he was still on the roster, they released him in February, and he made the announcement last night that he's done. What, no one-year Raiders contract?

That has to be quite a cathartic career. He accomplished quite a lot for a football player, and yet he's always going to be known for that torn ACL in 1999, ensuring Kurt Warner would never have to bag another grocery ever ... unless he shopped at Aldi. Green may have thrown for tons of yards and even made the Pro Bowl, but how many MVPs and Super Bowl starts has he had compared to Kurt Warner? Moreover, how fair is it to weigh Warner's career against Green's? Of course it's unfair, and yet I just made that comparison. Think about that.

Green says he wants to pursue a career in broadcasting, something every concussed quarterback wants to do, because they know nothing else than to be the center of football attention by any means necessary. He'll do a satisfactory job, as he always does, until such a day in which Green contracts bronchitis, can't talk, and needs Kurt Warner to perform emergency football analysis.

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