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Illustration for article titled Guy With Weird Dating Survey Defends His Data Collection Methods

Ladies, Mike Stolar is on the market. He's the (formerly anonymous) guy who asks some dates to fill out a survey. (An unsatisfied date passed the survey along to us last week, and we shared it, with a little backstory.)


Today, he shared a completed survey with us—he wrote it from his own perspective, responding to his date, and he drew a picture—and spoke a little bit about the modern dating scene with Jen Doll at the Atlantic Wire:

"You're wasting a lot of time if you refuse to learn anything from your experiences by not wanting to be the 'creepy/nerdy/analytical guy who takes notes,'" says Stolar. "It's similar to writing in a journal, just exponentially more valuable in terms of future usability and reference."
Despite the ridicule and the allegations of "creepiness," Mike says he'll keep giving out the survey, which he generally hands out in person and not via email: "It came about mostly for fun and sort of as a way to filter out women who will never be interested in me and those who might be. I'm also terrible with women. It can't possibly hurt the downward spiral that is my dating life," he says. "My OKCupid now has a link to an article about it...I'm happy to see my 15 minutes of fame coming from a general unwillingness or inability to adhere to social norms."

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