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Guys With Trophy Snarl Downtown Traffic, Film At 11

Nice hats: Live from the Steeler victory parade. "You guys want to pick up the pace? I'm trying to get to work!" [Mondesi's House]

Keep moving: The United States has several up and coming distance runners leading to a national resurgence on the world stage, which is several more than the number of Americans who care about distance running. [Kornheiser's Cartel]


He should have tried a headbutt: Soccer players think they are pretty tough dudes. Not as tough as boxers, apparently. [Dirty Tackle]

Worthless: Kobe Bryant had zero rebounds in 61-point game against the Knicks. Yeah, he sucks. [CMSB]

Easiest joke ever: Wait, a swimmer with no arms? How does he hold the bong? [Guanabee]

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