Guzman-Campbell Reportedly Called Off

We may earn a commission from links on this page. is reporting that tonight's Showtime main event between Nate Campbell and Joan Guzman has been called off. Earlier Guzman failed to make the 135 pound weight limit, leading to reports that the two would fight without the Campbell's titles at stake. What's especially odd about the situation is that Guzman was coming up in weight from 130 yet he fell ill trying to lose a couple of pounds.

With rumors of the undefeated Dominican being treated for dehydration Friday evening, the speculation began about the fight being cancelled. It remained a rumor throughout the day, with the Mississippi State Athletic Commission threatening with a suspension and fine should Guzman pull out of the fight. It was decided earlier this evening that, for health reasons, it was against Guzman’s best interests to proceed with the fight he all but demanded three months when moving up from junior lightweight. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that state commissioner Jon Lewis, who has went out of way his to make himself THE story this week regarding this and other controversies, is threatening suspensions, fines and legal action against Guzman and his entire team. Their reason is that they felt Team Guzman should’ve taken the proper steps to inform that appropriate parties of their fighter’s struggles to make weight, not unlike the course of action for Jorge Barrios and his handlers prior to last weekend’s bout with Rocky Juarez.

Additionally, Fight Hype is reporting that Guzman made a return trip to the hospital after coughing up blood earlier today. So yeah, everything about this pretty much sucks. I guess this means Edner Cherry will get his chance to headline a Showtime card opposite a pay-per-view event. This could be great for his career, assuming he can unleash his fabled Cherry Bomb on undefeated contender Timothy Bradley. The 25 year-old Bradley is coming off of a huge split-decision win over Junior Witter in the UK, so Cherry won't have an easy time of it. A tip of the hat to FanHouse This post has been back-dated for formatting purposes.