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At the same event where Russian strongman Mikhail Shivlyakov’s face turned into a bloody mess, Icelandic strongman and Game Of Thrones hulk Hafþór Björnsson took the stage and deadlifted a world-record 1,041 pounds. Björnsson’s lift came on a specially designed bar meant to accommodate four-digit lifts, and he did it without gushing blood from his nose.

That’s 472 kilograms, or 212.4 times the combined weight of every Game of Thrones book (including The Winds of Winter). Björnsson ended up winning the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic, which also required him to throw a bag over a bar, pick up a big-ass rock, and race forward while saddled with a timber prison built for one. A few days later, he threw a 56-pound weight over a 20-foot bar, which is apparently some other sort of very specific world record.


Björnsson’s bros must be more pumped up, if that’s even possible.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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