I'm in a Manhattan bar right now, and while I can't speak for any Eagles fans—because there is only one here—the natives are restless.

Cautiously optimistic, might be one way to describe it, but that's really only one step removed from "borderline suicidal." Eight points in the first half will do that to you. I was kind of hoping the score would remain 8-7 (or 9-7) indefinitely, because that final alone would be infinitely hilarious. On the plus side, does anything beat simultaneously eating bagels and drinking beer while you watch playoff football? Something probably does, but this is still pretty good.

But as you wait for the second half to start think about this—someone took the time to draw this picture—presumably by a very shaky hand—and felt compelled to share it with world.

This is what Eagles-Giants is all about: crude sketches of birds eating sandwiches. Feeling kinda Sunday, indeed.


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