Hall Of Fame Candidate Curt Schilling In Hot Water Over Praise For, Breitbart Radio Show With White Supremacist

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Breitbart quietly deleted the archive of a radio show Curt Schilling recorded two weeks ago with white supremacist Paul Nehlen after falsely claiming it stopped covering the anti-Semitic candidate seeking to dethrone Paul Ryan “months” ago.

Schilling repeatedly praised Nehlen’s policies on his Breitbart radio show Whatever It Takes with Curt Schilling on Dec. 18; the right-wing media outlet later removed the podcast of the show from its Soundcloud page. Nehlen is a former columnist for Breitbart.


ThinkProgress acquired the full audio of the interview:

ThinkProgress obtained the audio from Breitbart’s December 18 interview with Nehlen. The host, Curt Schilling, agreed with Nahlen on a range of issues including the depravity of Paul Ryan, the fact that the allegations against Roy Moore were totally fabricated and absurdity of a society “that believes the women over the man.”

Schilling also endorsed and promoted Nehlen’s campaign:“You can go to his website electnehlen.com. Follow him on Twitter at pnehlen. He is the one and only Paul Nehlen.”“You are very much a constitutionalist which is one the reasons why I’m a fan.”“I want you to tell people how they can help you out.”“Hey buddy. God bless you. Look forward to having you back.”


Curt Schilling owns the highest strikeout-to-walk ratio in modern major league history among pitchers with 3,000 strikeouts, and struck out a total of 3,116 batters in his career while compiling a career 80.7 WAR with a 216-146 record.