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Halladay's Perfect Game Was No Surprise To One Nostradamus

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One Phillies fan predicted this, and counted down each batter — starting before Halladay even took the mound. Can we retire the concept of jinxes yet?


Are you sick of Halladay perfecto stories yet? Maybe this one will be different, because it predates the actual game. One anonymous user, nicknamed "dtboy1234," started a message board thread called "Roy Halladay Perfect Game Alert." His first post, at 7:16 pm, went up just as Doc took the mound for the bottom of the first. It read, simply, "27 batters to go."

dtboy1234 kept it updated each inning, in relative obscurity. Then, around the sixth inning, other users began to take notice. As dtboy1234 counted down the batters, the thread filled up with people trying to jinx it, claiming he had retroactively edited his posts, and claiming Halladay had thrown to many pitches and should be taken out. (Seriously.)


Shit hit the fan, in the way only an message board can:

THIS THREAD IS EPIC!!! Did he just predicted a perfect game? Yes he did! Unreal...

R u psychic???? What a call. U deserve to be on ESPN or something tom lol. Thats amazing and an amazing game

I never thought the MLB was rigged until now.

So, dtboy1234, congratulations on being a Phillies homer who started these threads at least three times previously. You finally nailed one.

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