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Hamiltonmania, Rick Reilly On Race, And Chase Utley Tells New York Fans Where To Shove It

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What they're saying out in the ether about Monday's Home Run Derby ...

Chase's Four-Letter Fallout. It was a mistake on Utley's part and he knew it. But Chase is a good guy and good guys make amends. After the game, he set us straight, "I do want to apologize because it was definitely a poor choice of words. I really didn't mean anything by it. I was kind of just joking around with my buddy over there [Uggla], so again, I do want to apologize." [The 700 Level]

Chase Utley Is An American Hero. One million bucks says that half of these rich yuppies don't even know who Chase Utley is, with the other half ordering yagah bombs. Well Chase how do you feel after being booed? [The Fair Pole]

Entering Josh Hamilton Over-Saturation. At some point you reach over-saturation with a story, and I've completely hit that point. I actually am starting to feel bad that Hamilton won't ever be just an All-Star because his reputation consistently precedes him. Now you might be thinking at this point: Hey, the guy belted 28 home runs in the derby and was a freaking star, of course we're going to be talking about him. Very true. But I actually developed this feeling even before the derby began, just hearing the hoards of talking heads on ESPN gush over the guy. I feel bad for Hamilton now because he's getting so much attention, he's probably sick of himself. [Larry Brown Sports]


Rick Reilly Thinks There Are Too Many White People In The HR Derby. "This is like a Kiwanis Club meeting!" Karl Ravech could not have wanted to change topics more quickly. Priceless. [Real Clear Sports]

Idiot Yanks Fans Welcome MLB Mascots To The Bronx. Not content yesterday to boo the Red Sox player who won the MVP award for the Futures Game, Yankee bleacher creatures turned their unemployed anger on the MLB mascots who were congregating behind the right-field wall. Our favorite chant: "Mister Met sucks," while followed closely in second place by "you're a loser." [Busted Coverage]

Fake Phillies Player Draws Crowd At Fanfest. Who is C. Yaeger, you ask? Well, he's the guy in the following video — just an average dude, who happens to enjoy going to every Phillies game dressed up like a ballplayer, head-to-toe. He could be easily confused for an actual ballplayer. But I can assure you, he is not. He works for a regional sports media company in Philly and never played ball beyond high school. However, kids at the FanFest, with their underdeveloped little brains and thirst for autographs, do not know all this. So you see where this is going. Here's a taste of the feeding frenzy that occurred around Yaeger. [The Sporting Blog]

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