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Happy Ben Hutton Transforms Into The Hulk For Twelve Seconds

Noted dancer and permanent smiler Ben Hutton is known for being one of the chillest dudes in the NHL, but tonight, the Canucks defenseman got very, very angry.

First, Hutton took out a breaking-on-goal Brooks Orpik, who is not small, with a probably illegal elbow. Then, he was psyched up to face the consequences. Devante Smith-Pelly immediately went to fight his teammate’s surprising attacker, but Hutton got in a few furious blows before getting taken down to the ice.


Hockey isn’t and shouldn’t be an extreme sport, and Hutton is not in the right here. Still, there’s something wild about seeing such a happy guy try to become a weapon of mass destruction for a brief, intense flash. At least his rage didn’t tear his jersey into shreds.

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