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Happy Valley, Bloody Sunday Morning

How long must we sing this DUAN? College football team has unusual amount of success; college students and townies with a taste for danger stumble into the streets; police break out the riot juice; hilarity ensues. Welcome back to the club, Penn State! Your celebration after last night's defeat of Ohio State makes the grade, especially for your use of newspaper boxes as weapons. And we didn't even think you kids knew what the darned things were. Unfortunately, Penn State's college newspaper doesn't have embedded video yet. However, we recommend you check out their work from last night, especially for the part where the riot police let loose their pepper spray stream and students continue to stand defiantly for a few seconds. "Hey, this isn't that bad... screw you, you piece o... oh #&$%. TASTES LIKE BURNING!" And yes: JoePa's going to have the whole university on garbage pickup detail by Monday morning. This is technically DUAN, but we'll be all sad inside if you don't join us for our World Series Game 4 liveblog in just a bit. We might even make a cake! On behalf of Rick, thanks for having us this weekend. We'll see some of you in a few.


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