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Harold Reynolds Contemplates Inappropriate Use Of His Hands Again

Harold Reynolds and Steve Phillips are two professional baseball guys who professionally talk about baseball for a living. One of them thinks the other one is an idiot and would maybe like to take the back of his hand and show that other one what's what. The place: The Tampa Bay ESPN 1040's "THE KILLER B'S" Marc Benarzyk & Bill Freitas. The subject: B.J. Upton, who Phillips criticized on ESPN TV for not digging it out to first base after hitting a ground ball. For those of you not audio inclined at the moment, here's the gist:

"I watched Steve Phillips the other night ... I wanted to slap the guy."

To be fair to Steve Phillips, he is the one who is actually still employed by ESPN. To not be fair to Steve Phillips, he is one of the worst GMs of the last 20 years. And Harold ... well, you all know about him. Either way, this can only end well for fans of slapfights. The KILLER B's [ESPN1470]


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