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Harold Reynolds Is Taking ESPN's Ass To Court

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We know we're supposed to be taking the day off, but, sorry: This is too beautiful to comprehend resisting.


So, you know our pal Harold Reynolds? Well, it appears he's less than pleased with how his departure from ESPN was handled. (By "departure," we mean "getting fired for sexual harassment.") So guess what? He's suing their ass.

"I have tried everything possible to handle this situation quietly behind closed doors. After numerous conversations and multiple mediation discussions with ESPN executives, it is clear that ESPN had no intention of solving this problem amicably," Reynolds said in a statement.

"For 11 years, I served ESPN with enthusiasm and dedication. It is unfortunate that ESPN has handled this process in an unprofessional manner. At the end of the day, my integrity, reputation and family are my top priorities, and for those reasons I need to set the record straight and clear my name."

ESPN says the suit is "without merit." We think, frankly, that Reynolds suing ESPN is unfathomably hysterical. In fact, we'd almost be up for giving Harold a hug to support his cause. But we don't much like the Bloomin' Onion.

Uh, you can probably expect us to cover this a bit more. Perhaps.

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