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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Harrowing Ad Running During Olympics Advises You To Pray For Death

This advertisement, spotted today on NBC Sports Network, seems worth bringing to your attention. Presumably paid for when the time slot was being filled by one of the network's strange gun shows, it features a concerned citizen pointing out that America will, sooner or later, be struck by natural disaster or a terrorist attack.


"If you and your family are unlucky enough to survive, then it's the aftermath you should worry about," he says. "When your food supply runs out, what will you tell your starving kids?" The solution is to buy an Omni brand underground bunker. (You wouldn't want to be caught struggling to make do with an inferior, off-brand bunker.) Some of us have played a bit too much Fallout, or read and/or seen The Road a bit too often, to put all that much stock in this solution, but keep in mind that those are fiction, and that this concerned citizen is bringing us fact.

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