Harvard Cancels Men's Soccer Season After More Sexual "Scouting Reports" Discovered

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Harvard athletic director Robert L. Scalise says the Crimson men’s soccer season is over after the university discovered more evidence the team continued its tradition of producing “vulgar and explicit” reports on female soccer players’ appearance and sexual appeal through the current season.

That’s according to the Crimson, which notes the men’s team sat atop the Ivy League standings and was in position to earn a bid to the NCAA tournament. Scalise said evidence emerged that the sexual “scouting reports” initially discovered from the 2012 team continued through the current season, and that men’s soccer team members were not forthcoming with the school about their involvement in the scandal.


Incredibly, the documents were publicly available on the team’s Google Group site until last week, according to the Crimson. The women cited by the 2012 report released a statement last week:

We have seen the “scouting report” in its entirety. We know the fullest extent of its contents: the descriptions of our bodies, the numbers we were each assigned, and the comparison to each other and recruits in classes before us. This document attempts to pit us against one another, as if the judgment of a few men is sufficient to determine our worth. But, men, we know better than that. Eighteen years of soccer taught us that. Eighteen years—as successful, powerful, and undeniably brilliant female athletes - taught us that.


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