Harvard Owned By Clumsy Referee

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It’s a good thing nobody really gives a shit about the NIT tournament or has any capacity to feel sympathy for people who go to Harvard, otherwise we might have a real college basketball scandal on our hands.

Harvard played Marquette in the first round of the NIT tournament last night, and lost the game 67-60. Harvard was down by as many as 14 points in the second half, but managed to get within striking distance after forcing a series of turnovers late in the game. One of those turnovers had Harvard set up for a wide-open three that could have made it a three-point game with just over 20 seconds to play. But then this happened:

Here’s a closer look, in case you missed it:


Harvard junior Corey Johnson was right there, all ready to receive the ball and splash a three that would possibly fulfill his dreams of, uh, NIT glory, and then: bam, the ref goes right through him. And the ref didn’t even seem all that sorry! Look how he just casually signals that it’s Marquette ball and moves the game right along. May we all one day face our own blatant fuck-ups with such self-assurance.