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Hassan Whiteside Tackles Alex Len To The Floor In A Real NBA Fight

Hassan Whiteside fought just to make it to the NBA. He only played 111 minutes for the Kings in his first two seasons after being drafted, before he was waived. He played a season in the D-League without getting called up. He played in Lebanon, and then China, and then Lebanon again, and then China again. He went back to the D-League before, finally, the desperate Miami Heat picked him up, and he proceeded to blow up the NBA.

All this to say, Hassan Whiteside isn't a man who backs down from challenges. After he dunked on Alex Len's head and clipped him with his arm tonight, Len tried to throw Whiteside to the floor. Whiteside didn't respond by going up to Len and bumping him in the chest. He didn't scream "come at me bro!" while his teammates held him back. He didn't bitch to the referee. No, Whiteside simply went and tackled Len to the damn hardwood! This might be the only real fight you'll see in the NBA all year.


Both players were predictably ejected, but if opponents didn't know already, they now know not to mess with Hassan Whiteside.


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