Have You Been Dunked On, Or Have You Dunked On Someone?

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There's a funny post at SB Nation about the experience of getting dunked on by someone (wearing sandals). Obviously, it's not fun. Everyone gets to shame you, and you're basically hoping someone puts the ball in play as soon as possible so you can try and regain your pride. The description of the court's reaction to the dunk is excellent:

Everything was chaotic. The crowd was running around ooing and ahhing like a nest of bees had been unleashed. The other players were hollering and running around the court. I was trying to decide which new name to go by for the witness protection program. My mom was crying. She wasn't there, but it's one of those things you can feel. Like when a twin can tell when the other is in pain, I could feel my mother turning her face in shame. If Vine was available back then, I would have wrote emails to have that particular incident taken down because it was abusive to my person.

That poor sap.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a dunk, or have you ever dunked on somebody? How did it feel? How long were you shamed? Share your story.


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