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HBO Finally Outs Lenny Dykstra As Bumbling, Sad, Delusional Trainwreck

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It was a little more than a year ago that HBO's Bernard Goldberg naively bolstered Lenny Dykstra's reputation as a simple hustler with a golden touch who earned millions after his baseball career had ended. Oh how things have changed.


Wisely, Goldberg revisits Dykstra on tonight's "Real Sports" and he's no longer awestruck by Dykstra's palatial estate or getting joyrides in a $300,000 Phantom. Nope, Goldberg's all business this time around, as he paints Dykstra as a deadbeat loser in a giant empty house on the brink of financial ruin. has part of the transcript of their conversation where Dykstra maintains his sad, stubborn f-word filled denials about his troubles:

DYKSTRA: Who? Tell me who I owe?

GOLDBERG: Let's go through a few people. The printers . . .

DYKSTRA: F—- the printers. The printers are criminals.

GOLDBERG: The flight attendant?

DYKSTRA: F—- the flight attendant . . . They all think they can come here and steal my money.

Dykstra says the legal cases against him are "all bull——."

Goldberg asked Dykstra what he would say to people "who think once upon a time you were flying high and now you're broke?"

Dykstra laughed and withdrew a wad of bills, which he began counting. Goldberg said, "OK, so you've got $75 in your pocket, that doesn't make you rich." To which Dykstra replied, "I never carry less than $1,000. But flying high? Looks like I'm still flying pretty f——— high. And by the way, I'm flying higher."


So fuck the printers, fuck the flight attendant, look, I have $75 in my pocket right now to show you, tough guy? Brilliant.

Hopefully this is the last public take down of Lenny Dykstra and he'll finally slunk away back into his dirty hole and deal with the issues in his own life and stop ruining other people's in the process.

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