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He Might Get More Votes Than Mike Gravel

You've been blinded by the breathtaking brilliance of Digger Phelps on ESPN for years. Somehow, in the vast barren nation of banality, Phelps has been a beacon of hope and brilliance. So much so that, sheesh, we should elect him President!

Well, at least he thinks so, according to his new book's flap jacket.

Head basketball coach of Notre Dame at age 29, a position he held for more than two decades with a 100 percent graduation rate, an attention-getting figure in President George H. W. Bush's anti-drug program, part-time ambassador, a nationally adored ESPN commentator, and a possible Presidential candidate, Richard "Digger" Phelps has done it all.


Lion In Oil even provides us an incredibly professional campaign video, from last March. Perhaps this is what Digger was referring to?

Digger Phelps For President [Lion In Oil]

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