Buck’s departure from Fox to a competitor comes at an interesting time. As an avid fan of one of Fox’s most popular shows, The Masked Singer, my first-impression guess for who is under the costume “Ram” was Buck from Wednesday’s season premier. Whatever unknown celebrity made it past their first performance of “I Want You To Want Me” by Cheap Trick. Buck’s obviously not a trained singer, despite a polished speaking voice. The clues fit and the voice fits him. Buck can say he lasted longer in the singing competition than pastry chef Duff Goldman, if that’s him.


Buck moving to ESPN puts him on bigger regular-season football assignments, without competition for most games, although he’s handing the mic to someone else for the biggest baseball assignment around. Getting paid more to do the same style of job and likely freeing up his schedule more, as he’s also expected to contribute to ESPN+ projects instead of calling other sports, is a win for Buck in every sense.