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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Headline On Radio Station Website Unintentionally Links Robert Griffin III, Masturbation, Jay Leno

You can see how this might happen, given everything. Robert Griffin III was on The Tonight Show late last night, and he beatboxed for Jay Leno, because there's nothing RGIII can't do, you see. Washington D.C.'s all-news station had the footage, and they wanted to post it on their website this morning, the earlier the better.


But how best to sum up all that fun with a pithy headline? Not like this, obviously, which is why WTOP has since changed it, though not before someone helpfully captured a screen grab and posted it to Twitter, because that's what Twitter's there for. One of Leno's favorite gags is to do corny send-ups of ironic headlines sent to him by viewers. Consider this our submission.

[Twitter, via D.C. Sports Bog]

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