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Heat And Pistons, DANCE OFF!

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As you rev yourself up for tonight's rather enormous Game 6 matchup between the Heat and the Pistons, we invite you to take in the Heat dancers and Extreme Heat dance team, firing themselves up for the game tonight. How can this not make you excited? How are you not fired up? Dance, Heat ... DANCE!

Anyway, to the game: Good ole Bill Simmons thinks the Pistons are done, while Free Darko, talking about the Heat, laments that "there are just too many thorny individuals on that team for it to ever mean anything in the abstract; they will forever seem vulnerable, the axiomatic power of the Blessed Two constantly having to override the roster's overall goofiness." (We like it when NBA stories use words like "abstract" and "axiomatic." We also like poop jokes.)


The Pistons, of course, are trying to come back again from a 3-2 deficit, like they did against the Cavaliers. And Pat Riley once again tries to remind the nation he's alive. We can't wait.

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