Heat Up Your Cold February Nights With Hockey Erotica

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If you're looking for hot entertainment, I suggest finding your way North this month for "a new show that brings Canada's two favourite pastimes—hockey and sex—together at last on one rollicking theatre stage."

"5 Hole: Tales of Hockey Erotica" is a collection of vignettes that will take a "scintillating look at hockey with its sweaty clothes off" and yes, this is not a joke. I never thought this would happen to me, but:

As exhilarating as winning game seven and naughty enough to draw a five-minute major, Five Hole presents a suite of engrossing, tender and hilarious stories about the steamy underbelly of our national sport. A minor leaguer endures a passionate crush on his team's lone female player. An NHL goalie is tight with his teammate, but dreams of getting MUCH tighter. These and other tales make up this scintillating look at hockey with its clothes off.


Music, passion, and throbbing goalie pads are the order of the evening and what better way to get through these cold, bitter regular season nights between All-Star Weekend and the playoffs then some top-shelf experimental theatre (ending in E.) Check the schedule to see when it comes to your province and check out the hot, hot teaser to see how a female goalie without protective pants will melt your heart. Is that Lord Stanley's Cup in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

In other erotic ice news, the Red Wings and Penguins are reliving last year's Cup Final on TV right now, so go ahead and use this post to discuss the game, "5 Hole", or any other hockey thoughts that are on your mind ... although I bet I can guess what's on your mind right now.


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