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Hedo Turkoglu Demands His Privacy When He's 'Trying To Chill'

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The Raptors forward finds himself in an absurd public spat with a young Canadian woman who unintentionally snapped a photo of him at a club last week. Yes, that blurry, non-descript photo you're gazing at.


The woman, Jazmine Singh, told theStar newspaper she was trying to photograph her friend when Turkoglu inadvertently came into the shot. Turkoglu saw the flash, assumed someone was trying to photograph him drinking at a club, then ordered his bodyguard over to make sure she deleted the photo. Singh was aghast:

"He just ripped the phone out of my hand – I thought he was trying to steal it," said Singh, still incredulous a day later. "I had no idea who he was. I didn't care who he was. No one has the right to do that."

But Hedo took no chances:

"I don't like people taking my picture, especially in the club, before asking. She did. I said, `Did you ask me?' She said no. I said, `I want you to delete it'

Firm but fair. And why the paranoia about the photo? That's best explained, in my opinion, by Spanish basketball website "Tubasket", which had this to add:

El incidente llega en un momento en el que muchos atletas están preocupados porque blogs como "" y "" persiguen conseguir fotos de los cracks del deporte en situaciones poco decorosas.



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