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Heidi Watney's Rear Under Close Security Surveillance At All Times

Never let it be said that Fenway Park security is not doing their job. Take this guy, for instance, who is keeping close watch on the backside of NESN-TV reporter Heidi Watney; in case, you know, terrorists try to move in. Or whatever. Actually, when you examine the people in the stands, he isn't the only one looking. But that's not the big news. From Red Sox Monster:

Ladies and gentlemen, a milestone to report: a fan has created a Heidi Watney fan Web site for all you folks who just can't get enough of the NESN reporter's flaxen hair and detailed journalism. The site,, bills itself as "The #1 Heidi Watney Fan Site," and who am I to argue? It includes still shots from her appearances on NESN, several videos and a swell photo banner, so clearly it must be No. 1, right?


Some people prefer the real thing.

Heidi Stalking Just Moved To Another Level [Red Sox Monster] Heidi

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