I'm very hesitant to say the soccer season is over, because I know one of Deadspin's readers will chime in and correct me with, "How silly of you ignorant Americans to forget about the Antarctic World Cup, and it's called football, unlike your football, where you don't even use your feet!" And they'd be right, of course. There's no rebuttal to that. EXCEPT ... American football players don't have nearly the same quotient of ridiculous hair styles.

TMZ compiled a list that's neither comprehensive nor very useful in the sense that they don't say who the hell these guys are. Just: goofy picture, snarky caption. I guess that's all one really needs in life, especially on a Saturday where you might actually be finding yourself watching softball on TV.

But yeah, it might've been really helpful to provide the names of these characters. I don't know who any of those guys are. Except for him. That's Pelé, right?

Soccer Hair Don'ts [TMZ]