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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Help Us, Baseball, You're Our Only Hope

We have reason to believe that this (or something similar) will be the opening teaser that will greet baseball fans as they tune into the Fox broadcast tonight. I'm not great at reading subtext, but the theme for this World Series seems to be "America: We're Screwed, But At Least We Have Baseball!"Yes, we're at war, our economy is a hellstorm of failure and strife, and our leaders continue to bicker with each other in a neverending scorched Earth propaganda battle, but ... never forget that there are sinister enemies out there who want to kill us in our sleep. Oh, wait ... and we have grown men playing sport to distract us from all that. Have fun everybody! • Credits: "WORLD SERIES '08 TEASE WRITER + PRODUCER: MICHAEL HUGHES DESIGN + ANIMATION: CLAY LIPSKY & JASON BOGNACKI AUDIO: JIM MITCHELL" Via here


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