Here Are Some Good Madden 18 Glitches

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The newest Madden game just came out, and it has an interactive story mode that actually sounds really cool. After waiting six months for the game to go on sale for $20, I’ll probably give it a whirl. The rest of the game is about what you expect by now. Those who pay 60 bucks year after year for the game see essentially the same core gameplay, only with better graphics, updated rosters, and smoother AI. Madden is an exercise in iteration.

It also offers us all a chance to laugh at the myriad glitches scattered about the game, like this very dumb and easy sack.


Invisibility is a big one.

This is football, maybe.


Here’s an accurate prediction of the Colts 2017-18 season.

Nice one, MEO.


This is more of a Breaking Madden-style highlight, but I enjoyed it.