Here are Some High School Gyms Trump Couldn't Sell Out

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There were just a few empty seats at the BOK Center last night in Tulsa, Okla. to hear President Trump speak during a pandemic.
There were just a few empty seats at the BOK Center last night in Tulsa, Okla. to hear President Trump speak during a pandemic.
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Overpromising and under-delivering is a way that you could describe Donald Trump’s entire existence, let alone his presidency.

Saturday’s laughable attendance numbers at his COVID-19-sponsored Tulsa rally proved that, as it’s been reported that a maximum of 6,200 people showed up at the city’s BOK Center that can hold 19,000. It got so bad that the overflow speech stage was shut down before Trump even got there.


You gotta crawl before you can walk, Donnie.

As the pictures of the empty arena caught fire on social media, it was eerily reminiscent of sparse crowds at his Inauguration.


As you can see, there’s a pattern here.

But, instead of taking time to list all the reasons why this rally was doomed from the start, we’d rather just use the time to laugh at Trump. There are high school basketball gyms across this country that Trump wouldn’t be able to fill, as it appears that more Americans would rather watch teenagers get buckets than go see the “leader” of the free world.


Indiana owns the market when it comes to having large arenas to watch high school basketball, and according to the Indianapolis Star, the tenth-largest gym in that state can seat over 7,100.

That list goes:

1. Seymour, 8,228

2. East Chicago, 8,054

3. New Castle, 7,829

4. Richmond, 7,786

5. Marion, 7,560

6. Elkhart, 7,373

7. Michigan City, 7,304

8. Gary West Side, 7,217

9. Lafayette Jefferson, 7,200

10. Southport, 7,124

The Alfred J. Loos Fieldhouse in Dallas (7,500) and Wildcat Den in Chinle, Arizona (7,000) are two more high school venues that Trump wouldn’t be able to fill.


But, wait. There’s more.

According to Al Franken, acts such as Sha Na Na, The Pips (without Gladys Knight), Loverboy, John Tesh, and The West Virginia Touring Company of La Traviata drew bigger crowds to the BOK Center in Tulsa in 2019. And according to Disney, “The Arena,” or bubble, at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex where the NBA is supposed to restart its season next month has a capacity of over 8,000.


So the next time Trump decides to have another one of his little pep rallies, the White House should try holding it in a space that will properly cater to the crowd’s size.


There has to be an open church basement, somewhere.