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Here Are Some Photos Of Marcus Jordan's $35,000 Night In Las Vegas

As you probably know, Marcus Jordan, spawn of Michael, spent an absurd amount of money last weekend at a Las Vegas nightclub. Some guy's ex-girlfriend was there, and he gave us a few pictures.

This has become sort of a big deal. The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced today that it has decided to investigate MGM Resorts—which owns and operates Aria Resort—after learning about the incident. Evidently, minors—Marcus Jordan is 19—are not supposed to be partying in Las Vegas nightclubs.


Now, before we start, TMZ was evidently trying to buy other pictures—ones we don't have—but something "got fucked," according to this ex-boyfriend character. Maybe they'll pop up later; maybe they won't. So take it away, guy:

They all were in Vegas for a group 21st birthday (9-10 of the girls) and they met him and his brother/posse at whatever the pool is at Aria. Apparently the Jordans were getting the VIP treatment there because they stayed there and went to the club there that night (Haze?) and he started buying bottles of "Ace" champagne (pictured) and spent $35k in the club that night. The boys went upstairs with a couple of the girls from my ex's party and those are the pics I can't procure and would be worth the real money- that's about the gist of what I know. Wish I had more details to make up for you, but I'm not one to do that. From all accounts, the Jordan kids were really respectful and polite to everyone the whole time, which is why I don't think I'm getting the pics.

The guy said to me that the girl in the middle is his ex-girlfriend. She seems nice enough, huh? What else do we have here?


That seems innocent enough to me.


That could be Ace brand anything really. Orange juice, even.


Just kids having fun (and giving an obscure champagne brand some nice product placement). Nothing to see here, Nevada Gaming Control Board.


Nevada regulators probing MGM resort [ESPN]

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