Here Are Some Videos Of Simone Biles Dominating At The National Championships

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BOSTON — We are just eight routines into Simone Biles’s return to competition and I’ve already run out of superlatives to describe just how good she is. I feel like everyone who is tasked with writing about Biles more than once finds themselves reaching for the thesaurus just to find new ways of describing her performance and dominance.

Last night, Biles posted the highest score on every single event on her way to an almost three-point lead over defending world champion Morgan Hurd. Her 60.1 is the highest all-around score of this Olympic cycle, besting the 58.7 she scored U.S. Classic three weeks ago. Her Classics score had previously been the highest all-around total of this cycle.

And Biles wasn’t even perfect last night! She gave away over a half a point in deductions by taking two giant leaps out of bounds on floor exercise. After the competition, Biles, holding court with seemingly all of the reporters who were in attendance—I tried to wedge myself and my recorder into the throng but gave up after a few minutes—seemed pretty pleased with her performance.


Anyway, here are some videos of Biles of doing gymnastics because that’s what you’re here for.

Here she is notching the highest score of the night on the uneven bars, her “weakest” event.

Let’s take a look at that dismount, a double twisting double somersault. Biles flies so high above the bar, she almost goes out of frame.


Here’s Biles on vault. No need to GIF this because vault is essentially a GIF anyway.

Here she is on floor exercise, being unable to contain her power inside the boundaries of the mat.

And this is her beam routine.

That was only day one, folks. We’ve still got Sunday night to go. Maybe Biles will post the highest score of this quad since the 60.1 she posted on Friday.