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Here Is A Legally Blind 96-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Who Would Kick Your Ass At Bowling

Kathryn Robinson will turn 97 years old next week. Also, according to this delightful Palm Beach Post report, she “lost all sight in one eye and most in the other,” making her legally blind. But that does not stop her from being a tremendous bowler:

Probably my favorite part of this is Kathryn’s 92-year-old second husband, Lee Robinson, gleefully shooting down the notion that he can compete with her on the lanes:

“Are you kidding?! She’s snowed me at bowling for 50 years! She’s an excellent bowler.”


Kathryn reportedly picked up bowling 60 years ago (!), as a thing to do with her kids after the death of her first husband. I urge you to read the full report, for excellent details like these:

Lee, Kathryn’s husband of 49 years, sits up front at the scorer’s desk, cane at his side, and tells her which pins are still standing. The retired flight instructor is only 92, she says. “I robbed the cradle.”


Kathryn rolls a 12-pound ball, and has bowled “a lot of 250s,” and her high score last year was 202. That is true baller shit.

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