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Here Is A Picture Of John Daly's Ass, For Prostate Cancer Awareness

The ass you see here belongs to golf's loveable rapscallion, John Daly. Daly, by the way, is currently tied for 16th at the PGA Championship with a +1 going into today's third round action. As you can see, Daly wore these pants yesterday. These pants are black with neon-colored hands with their index fingers pointing out. These pants are designed to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

"John's pants are splashed with brightly colorful fingers to represent the early detection prostate cancer screening procedure for men. It's a humorous spin to raise awareness on a very serious examination that few men like to talk about. John is wearing the pants to show his support to raise awareness for prostate cancer."


Just a few weeks after he had Feherty no doubt clinching his ass cheeks shut, he's now asking guys to spread 'em.

Image via Getty
John Daly finds novel way to raise awareness of prostate cancer [SF Gate]

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