Here Is A Third-Grader's Drawing Of A Chicken Jerking Off A Horse

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Drew Magary's Dadspin piece today about parents obsessed with making their children more "competitive" has inspired some excellent Kinja chatter, but nothing is going to top what you see to the left, which is, as noted above, a child's drawing of a chicken giving a horse a handjob. For the backstory, we now turn to Deadspin reader fwc3iii, to whom we are very grateful. As Drew writes, childhood should not be one giant competition, but nonetheless: This kid obviously wins everything.

Parents Night is dreadful. Last year I was singled out by a teacher in a room full of judgmental parents because my 3rd grader, for the "art show", drew a picture of a chicken giving a horse a hand-job. Seriously. I have the photo prove it if you provide me with an e-mail to send it. When I got home, I feared Social Services would descend any minute so I quizzed him on what he was drawing and where he saw it . . . . Turns out, they had to draw a picture based upon a book they read. Early in the year he read a book in which the chicken helps his farmer milk cows. You would think his own teacher would remember that.

Drew's full piece is below.