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A lot of folks were confused by the map of the most distinctive bands and singers by state. (Not you, though, because you know how to read.) So here's another one, which actually shows the most-streamed artist in each state over the last year.


Paul Lamere is responsible for this one as well, sharing it at his blog Music Machinery. Whereas the first highlighted artists whose state rankings were the highest compared to their national rankings, this one's easy: Which artist is listened to the most in each state?

With that said, here are the color-coded musical artist regions of America:

There were four major music blocs in America in 2013. Jay-Z, the preeminent East Coast rapper, owns that half of the county, with his borders correlating fairly decently with racial demographics. Macklemore, operating out of Seattle, can't crack south of the 37th parallel. The Sun Belt belongs to Drake—who may be more palatable to older listeners and has sizable support from Hispanics. And Daft Punk, who after all are a French house duo, hold scattered bastions in the bluest states of America.

Damn it, South Dakota.

[Music Machinery]

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