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Here We Go Again

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We take a lot of pride around these parts in avoiding the typical East Coast knob-slobbering that goes on; rarely do people accuse one of a "Central Illinois Bias." But even we can't ignore a five-game series at Fenway Park in a tight August pennant race between the Red Sox and Yankees. Bronx Banter is fired up and analytical, and Soxaholix is suffering some sort of existential crisis. Yep: Sounds about right.

As we pay closer attention to the Cardinals-Cubs series, we nevertheless feel obliged to keep an eye on the Yankees and Sox, particularly because it's a five-game series and because Sidney Ponson might pitch. Though, as much as been written about and spoken on concerning the series, we're going to be disappointed if there's not a Zimmer/Pedro-esque throwdown, you know? Preferably with a scene at the end where David Wells gets Jason Giambi in a headlock and shaves that dipshit mustache.


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