Here's A 1989 Episode Of Michael Jordan's Lost Television Show

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A reader named Scott alerted us to this video, which is apparently an episode of a local television show Michael Jordan had in 1989 called Michael Jordan's Airwaves. MJ sits down with Chicago sports anchor Jim Rose in front of a live studio audience to talk about the upcoming season. It oozes 80s goodness. Here are some highlights:

The opening sequence is just tremendous. Jordan leaps from the free throw line and into the clouds, dunking on a floating hoop.

First-year head coach Phil Jackson makes an appearance. "We've tried to put the skeleton together out there of what we're going to be as a beast," the Zen Master says.

Rose turns to the audience for questions. One man very awkwardly asks MJ a question about golf. Mike manages to turn it into a discussion about the Air Jordan shoes.


A cute little girl asks Jordan why he likes playing basketball.

Jordan predicts the 1989-90 NBA season with impressive accuracy. The Spurs were 21-61 the year before, but Jordan says he thinks they'll be a "surprise team in the West." They went 56-26 that year.

MJ goes bowling and nails a spare with a between-the-legs shot. Perhaps he should have given pro bowling a shot instead of baseball.