Here's A Big Billboard That Says Dick In Downtown Chicago [UPDATE]

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As you can see, this is an Esurance billboard, located near Chicago's French Market and the Lyric Opera and other respectable places, that says, "cover your home in a dick." This, for most, would be a feat so impossible that the billboard appears nonsensical, but what we appear to have here is a kerning error, in which the space between the "c" and "l" in click is fucked, leaving us with dick, or a weird viral campaign that is also stupid and effective.

Esurance confirmed this billboard's realness in this tweet to one of the ladies who saw it first and was called a liar for sharing with the rest of the world. But there it is, right there. dick.


UPDATE: Welp, the fun's over. Esurance contacted us today, and they're saying the image above is photoshopped. To be fair, we were incredulous when we first saw the photo, but decided to roll with it when we saw Esurance addressed the lady who first tweeted out the above image, and said they'd removed the billboard.

Esurance is telling us this morning there wasn't a kerning error, and that the billboard was only removed because from afar, the "c" and "l" appeared to make out the "d" in dick, which is understandable and still funny. Here's a photo Esurance sent us of the billboard:


Glad that's deared up.

h/t @typodactyl