Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Dude runs up to a fellow motorist's ride with anger in his soul. The video, it doesn't show what precipitated confrontation on what's possibly an Ottawa street. Maybe he stopped short. Maybe other guy hit him unexpectedly.


But when dude in camo shorts gets there, he's met by a slammed-open door. He recovers to the point that he can rip a hat off a head. That is the best moment he will see for the next two minutes.

The fighters come perilously close to the ringside commentators's car. This sends a shiver through their medicated spines.

Anyway, the sweep-the-leg maneuver that Camo'd picked up at the local dojo fails to connect. His adversary's fist does not, however.

A flailing flurry of slappy hands ends with dude losing balance of foot and falling to the ground. A noble attempt at a leg lock gives way to facial punishment. Bareback, yo.


Younger dude ties him up. He starts chirping about something. With the observers. He can do this because he's kicking this here dude's ass in the street. Another takedown. Cameraman turns his attention to inside the vehicle. Chris looks stoned immaculate.

Meanwhile, dude retrieves the hat that was so rudely stolen. Old head scours Canadian pavement for the remnants of his dignity. Words are briefly exchanged. Hands are extended and shaken.


Two men entered, two men left.

Here's the Tuesday Night Fights undercard:
• "Keep your nipples off my truck." "It's not that big of a deal."
• "Ashley got hands."
• Bottle-throwing foreign-language liquor-store scrap. (Start around 4:15 into it).
• "It's the Westside, motherfucker."
• "You throw your hands, you gonna get knocked out. That's all." (Action starts at 2:50, but the lead-in is exquisite).
• And finally, "Girls, the cops are going to be here quick. You don't want to get arrested on Christmas. ... Just give her a hug and chill out." (NSFW)

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