Here’s a couple of plays from the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup final over the weekend, Russia vs. Spain. Pay close attention, because nobody on the court did.

Russia, in red, is going right to left. But a Russia player is standing out of bounds when the ball touches her on a rebound, so Spain ball. Except: No one from Spain seems to want to take it. So Russia inbounds it. And goes left-to-right—the wrong way. And sinks a three on their own basket.

So what should happen here? First off, the officials screwed up by letting Russia inbound the ball. So maybe just start over from there. And if not, Russia committed a backcourt violation by bringing the ball up the court the wrong way.

Instead, after a long conference with a lot of confused standing around, the refs decided to count the wrong-way shot—three points for Spain, and Russia inbounds from there.


Whatever. Russia won 77-58.