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Here's A Man Who Shat Himself At The Florida Ironman Last Weekend

After the jump, prepare to look at this physical specimen as he stands in awe of his accomplishment, even though he has a pound of shit splattered all over his leg. What's that pungent smell, you ask? Personal victory.

From a very impressed [sic'd] emailer:

This may be too small time for you guys but I was at Ironman Florida this past weekend and some guy sh*t all over himself. He totally rocked the race, finishing in 9:09 and qualifed for Kona/Hawaii Ironman in the process so more power too him.

Here's a picture:

I was very disappointed we didn't receive the usual batch of NYC marathoners with brown-blasted shorts. If you have any, please send to Subject, uh, Marathon Poop? Sure. Subject: Marathon Poop.

As you were.

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