Here's An Angry Email From A Man Who Supports Clinton Portis' Comments About Females In Locker Rooms

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Earlier, Portis was scolded by the NFL for his wacky remarks about the Ines Sainz scenario, but we're happy to report that he has one staunch supporter who reads this site.

His name is Tom and he's livid about these entitled ladies walking into locker rooms full of naked men. LIVID.

Clinton Portis is a REAL man for telling the truth.

Shame on the NFL and all men's pro sports leagues for allowing female reporters unrestricted access to men's locker rooms.

If our legal system wants to harass men and invade their privacy because of the 1978 court ruling then I say just close the damn locker room doors to all reporters male and female. Then they will all have the same locker room access which = none.

The real sexual harassment in these situations is committed by the female reporters who think it is their right to enter naked men's locker rooms. Any decent women would not do that regardless of what the law says. Screw the law!!

If I was a pro player I would sue the sports leagues for invasion of privacy and sexual harassment. Plus suing the AWSM organization would be a good idea too. They support this kind of sexual harassment nonsense.

These female reporters are not my wife, girlfriend, nurse or doctor. The female reporters should be banned from men's locker rooms and vice versa. We do not live in a society where we have co-ed locker rooms or restrooms so this should not be any different.

Shame on pro players for accepting this nonsense and for the leagues allowing it!!

Again, Clinton Portis is a REAL man.