Here's Bob Knight Saying "Kentucky" No Fewer Than Five Times This Morning

Bob Knight said the word "Kentucky" five times this morning on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike In the Morning. Since this is, apparently, important, here's all five of his utterances. A full transcript of the relevant conversation appears below. [ESPN2]


Q. One of the big matchups will be Kentucky and Indiana because of the way the regular season game went. As you break that game down does it come into play at all in these kids' minds?

A. I wouldn't think so. If I were coaching Kentucky and they got beat I would probably remind our kids hey, this is the team that beat us early in the year. I wouldn't put a lot of talk into in — into it. If I were coaching Indiana i would say we beat them before so there is no reason why we can't do it again and leave it go at that. Because you are talking almost a season later for each of those two teams, whether it be Indiana or Kentucky. You are talking about something that happened so long ago, media obviously likes to make a big deal of something like that, but it is the game that we are playing this morning, the next game, or playing this afternoon, whatever it is. It will be a totally different situation. That game, for either team, I don't think is going to be factored into it to be a great asset to either one of them.

Q. Tom Crean talked about how Kentucky is much better team now than they were when they met the first time. but so is Indiana. How has Indiana improved since the first meeting?

A. I think that all teams just improve. they get better, they get off it a decent start, they work at maintaining playing as well as they can play. Both of those teams have had good games across the board. The one thing that i mentioned not too long ago relative to the Southeastern Conference was that is where Kentucky is coming out of and i don't think as conference it was as good a conference as the other major conferences have been. Therefore, a team like Indiana has played, I think, by and large against better teams during the considers of the season than — during the course of the season than Kentucky. now you are with 16 teams all of which are pretty good. There may be a few that are better but you get to 16 you have 16 pretty good teams. Then, having played against good teams really is an asset to you. and the Southeastern Conference this year just has not been as good as these other conferences. So, not having had the chance to play in a situation where you are playing a tough team on, say, saturday and another really good team on tuesday which happens much more frequently this year in the Big Ten than it did in the Southeastern Conference. So, I would think that that may be in the long run something of a problem that might face Kentucky.