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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here's Boxer Adrien Broner “Pooping” Money, Flushing It Down The Toilet

Adrien Broner has a lot of money. A quick search reveals that he doesn't have an insane amount of money, as star athletes, go, but he likely has more than you and all your friends. He is, however, a young and flamboyant and attractive and great fighter, so barring tragedy or magic, Broner will ostensibly spend a lot more years beating just about everyone he boxes and earning millions and millions of dollars for doing so.


He knows this. He wants you to know this. And thusly, he's endowed upon the Internet a cinematic selfie of himself sitting on a toilet in an unknown Popeyes. He is prattling. He is maybe pooping. He claims he is pooping crisp twenty-dollar bills (though that is unverified). He flushes the crisp twenty-dollar bills he claims to poop into the toilet down the toilet. We count 80 bucks.