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Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update

When KFDX from Wichita Falls, Texas needed someone to shout-out the big Knox City/Newcastle game last weekend, they knew Chad McGhee was the man for them.

Hell, it was their Friday night game of the week. THE GAME OF THE WEEK. You hear that, rest of Texas? Knox City will ANNIHILATE, DOMINATE AND ASSASSINATE YOU.

Anyway, the recap that Chad recorded and posted recounts that the first three plays of the game were all TDs, but that two of them belonged to the stinkin' Newcastle Wildcats.


"It took a little while for us to get back in the groove after that. I don't know if it was the coaches decision-making or the players," Chad notes. "There was a play when a longer pass went right off our guy's helmet and was intercepted. Terrible. On another play, I couldn't really see from my perspective, but everybody started yelling for pass interference, pass interference. They were blaming the refs, but people gotta realize it's not easy being a ref. Everything happens in fast motion."

Final score: Newcastle 60, Knox City 30. They're now 1-3 on the season with an upcoming home game against the Spur Bulldogs on Friday. Spur doesn't have a record, apparently. This will be their first of two games on the season. Who knows.

And that whole calling out the Cowboys thing from last week? He's gotten a lot of nasty comments on the YouTube page with the video but nobody's manned up to say something nasty to his face "as of yet. As of yet." They're trying to get him to join the "Fire Jerry Jones" page on Facebook, too.


"I don't think I'm going to. Don't really want to see Jerry Jones get fired," Chad concludes. "I wasn't trying to be cruel or mean last week. Just trying to make them realize we got some problems and they got to resolve 'em."

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