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Here's Chad McGhee With Your Weekly Knox City Greyhounds Update And Tony "Horny Little Bitch" Romo Evisceration

The mighty Knox City Greyhounds got back on the right side of the scoreboard by defeating the Woodson Cowboys 46-0. A marvelous victory. A redemptive victory.

It bears mentioning, however, that Woodson is sporting an 0-5 record and have been outscored 252-0. Seriously. That's absolutely remarkable. If there are any I-Team members who live in the Woodson vicinity, I implore you to get out there with a camera to catch one of their games. Here's their schedule.

So anyway, Chad got to the game a little late this week. They were up eight with about three minutes left in the first quarter "so I felt good when I got out of the car." It only got better, with the Greyhounds mercy ruling 'em by halftime. Ergo, Chad's worry about the team regrouping from what can only be termed a disappointing start to the season disappeared with the quickness.


"We did it all right!" he explained.

As for the guy who busted his nose last week — No. 7 Tyler Eaton (spelling not provided) — "he healed up real fast. Took it all in stride."

Next up for the 2-4 Greyhounds are the Vernon Northside Indians, who are 0-1 on the season courtesy of a 58-8 whoopin' at the hands of same Newcastle Bobcats that beat Knox City 60-30 back on Sept. 16.

Oh, that Romo video? Chad wasn't planning to do that until he heard the Artists Formerly Known As America's Team coughed up a big lead to the stinkin' Detroit Lions. "Three interceptions? Thanks, Tony," he says.

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